A member of the court will be your guide

Take the tour with a historical figure in costume and learn what it was like at court so many hundreds of years ago. See the castle through a different perspective.

Perhaps you will be led by a simple servant, a soldier or a famous historical character maybe even the Prince Elector or his beautiful wife.


HD-Group-special subject

Price for groups

tour start between 10.00 am - 05.00 pm

162,00 € for up to 20 people

additional 8,10 €
plus castle entrance ticket

HD-Group-special subject past 4:30pm

Price for groups past 04:30pm

270,00 € for up to 20 people

Please note:
Our tour guide will collect payments, due to closure of ticket counter.

Available languages:

english, spanish, french, swedish, italian.

Other languages upon request.

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