Our Hint

"Yes, I do"...

Pop the question! We have the perfect location!

Can you imagine a more romantic place to confess your love?

Proposal of marrige, renewal of marriage promise, or special love oath – we offer the perfect suroundings. The most famous romantic ruin in the world at your footsteps.

Our romantic tour is perfect for that one special proposal tailored to your ideas.


Now its up to you:

On top of the big tower with its suberb view to the city or garden, with a glass of champagne or sparking wine, red roses ... you will be undisturbed - just the two of you.


Contact us and we will do our best to make this day the most memorable for you and the one you love.


Popular and famous residents

Our tour guides will take you on a special discovery tour.

Discover the main and summer residences of the "Kurpfalz".

Meet famous and historical figures, such as: German princess Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate, hear gossip and scandal from nobles, learn and hear storries from music critic Mr Charles Buney.